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Sickness and Homesteading November 14, 2013

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No matter what your lifestyle, having the flu is never fun. Having the flu as a homesteader is definitely not a pleasant experience.  Prior to our off-grid lifestyle, I would have put the makings for a homemade soup or stew into the slow cooker in the morning and let it cook all day. When our son threw up, his clothes would be tossed into threw washing machine and dryer.  Not today.

My dear husband, after staying home an extra couple of days and missing out on a good truck run to take care of us on my worst day, had to go back on the truck today.  I am certainly not complaining. Poor guy is getting over the bronchitis he had on the truck yet still did as much as possible to make my life easier once he got home and I got sick with the flu.  It is simply a fact with trucking. If the truck isn’t rolling, you are not making any money.

A few hours after dropping him off at the truck stop where the truck had been parked, reality set in.  Our son and I have both been taking Tamiflu since we saw the Dr.  While it seems that I am over the worst of it, our son started throwing up today.  That’s the moment reality hits.  The woman who gags at feeling food particles in dish water had to hand wash 3 pairs of pajamas. It was only by sheer will and lots of begging to the Lord that I didn’t get sick myself. 

Later, after teaching our daughter how to make homemade noodles to use in a soup for dinner, I got the kids settled again. Then, I grabbed a tote and gathered firewood from the wood bin for the stove to last the night. Though we have a propane heater, I use the wood stove as well. It helps to save on the amount of propane we use. I also enjoy cooking on that stove.

One lesson that I learned through this day was that I will be finding a way to make things easier when I am sick and my husband is not home.  I manage the way things are, but I can make it easier.

Time for me to come up with alternative ways to do the tasks that are necessary.

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4 Responses to “Sickness and Homesteading”

  1. I hope your family is feeling better soon. Ours has been hit by a buy too already this season and we are all getting our flu shots this year too – though I know it doesn’t always protect us against the virus that hits, I hope it will help.

    • Thank you. From what the Dr said, we have the dubious distinction of being her first cases of flu this season. LOL Taking the Tamiflu has helped. I feel better than I did two days ago. Our son is sleeping a lot as I did the first day. He seems to be improving though, just a bit slower than I am.

      I hope your family weathers the cold/flu season well.

      • Suzanne Roderick Says:

        Hopefully you are back on the mend now. With the holidays coming up it is hard to accomplish all that needs to be done without any sickness. I’m not ready for this cold weather and snow. Wind tonight and more of the white stuff later on tomorrow. The south is looking pretty good to me right now. Keep warm and feel better

      • Thank you. Yes, we are all feeling much better now. The Tamiflu really helped my son and I. My husband and daughter are both doing better as well from their bronchitis. Hopefully, we simply got our icky stuff early and will have an uneventful rest of the winter season.

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